Verzani & Sandrini


Excellence in customer service

Operating since 1967, Verzani & Sandrini has become a benchmark in service provision in Brazil. Currently consisting of the companies VS Serviços, VS Segurança, VS Tech, VS Parking and Veman, the Company operates throughout Brazil and already has more than two thousand service stations, as well as 34 thousand employees, and these figures are always growing.

In order to ensure customer satisfaction, the VS Group has devoted itself to developing complete solutions based on high quality standards and a wide range of technology.

The commitment to excellence has ensured the long duration of the partnerships. Currently, more than 70% of the contracts carried out by the Company already last more than a decade. In search for ongoing evolution in customer service, the VS Group also has Brazilian and international certifications which attest the quality of its procedures..

The Company, with a solid structure based on social responsibility, professional qualification and excellence in customer service, has a history of success and ensures the satisfaction of its customers and employees.



  • 1968 1967 -
    • The Verzani & Sandrini Group starts operations upon the establishment of the company Verzani & Sandrini Ltda., which is currently known as VS Serviços.
  • 1968 1992 -

    Verzani & Sandrini Segurança Patrimonial is created to meet a new market demand and provide solutions in this segment.

  • 1968 1993 -

    The VS Group opens a VS Serviços branch in Sorocaba, in the countryside of the State of São Paulo, and sets up a Distribution Center in Mauá in Greater São Paulo.

  • 1968 1998 -

    VS Serviços opens a branch and starts to operate in Rio de Janeiro.

  • 1968 2001 -

    The activities of the VS Group become available in the states of Pernambuco, Minas Gerais and Paraná.

  • 1968 2003 -

    The VS Segurança branch starts operations in Rio de Janeiro.

  • 1968 2005 -

    The VS Group arrives in the State of Goiás.

  • 1968 2006 -

    Verzani & Sandrini Mão de Obra Efetiva is created. The activities of the Campinas Base, in the countryside of the State of São Paulo, and the Western Base, in the city of São Paulo, start.  

  • 1968 2007 -

    The companies VS Tech and VS Parking start operations. Start of contracts in the State of Bahia.

  • 1968 2009 -

    - VS Segurança Patrimonial Nordeste is created.  

  • 1968 2011 -

    The VS Group starts to operate in Gravataí (State of Rio Grande do Sul) and Goiânia (State of Goiás).

  • 1968 2013 -

    VS Segurança branch in Belo Horizonte

  • 1968 2014 -

    Veman company starts to operate.