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In 2020, Verzani & Sandrini officially announced the merger with the HigiServ Facilities division – a company headquartered in Curitiba (PR), and one of market leaders in southern Brazil. HigiServ divisão de Facilities – empresa com sede em Curitiba (PR), que figura entre as líderes de mercado no Sul do Brasil.

The brand was born in 1977, initially providing outsourced cleaning services and, later, opening new possibilities for all outsourced services with qualified staff.

Like Verzani & Sandrini, HigiServ also started as a family company with just seven employees. Today, there are more than 5,000 employees, mostly allocated in Paraná. The brand, by the way, is the 14th largest state employer, present in the cities of Londrina, Cascavel, Maringá, Ponta Grossa and Dois Vizinhos, in addition to operating in Navegantes (SC), Cubatão (SP) and Cajati (SP).

In these locations, it offers services to the most diverse segments, including hotels, banking, industrial, aviation, hospital, insurance, financial and transportation companies, shopping malls and public agencies.

With this new acquisition, Verzani & Sandrini has an investment project for technology transfer distribution, employability, and market share increase targeting specific sectors such as Hospital Health, Industries, Shopping Malls, Retail, Department Stores and Agribusiness; it expands its service offerings with property security, asset maintenance, sanitation and improvement of technical and conventional cleaning areas, pest prevention and environment conservation with advanced technology, digital management, quality control with ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 certification and NPS customer service and satisfaction system.

The merger played a strategic role so that Verzani & Sandrini could consolidate its operations in South Brazil.

With around 7,000 employees, we have more than 300 customers in diverse segments. Among them:

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