Customized and integrated solutions for customers of all sizes and segments

Committed to the satisfaction of customers and professionals, we develop projects that enable the complete management of materials, assets, people and processes, providing cost reduction, lower environmental impacts and incorporation of high technology available on the market.

We have a wide presence and market recognition by demanding audiences such as shopping malls, airports, commercial condominiums and educational institutions and, especially, critical environments such as industries and hospitals that, by hiring our full-service model, centralize the operational strategy and decision-making, thus enjoying benefits in quality, performance, productivity, simplicity, transparency, efficiency, teamwork, profitability and agility.


  • Standardization and optimization of processes.
  • VGA system, developed specifically for maintenance management.
  • Remote monitoring of critical areas
  • Engineering inspections with technical reports.
  • Identification and history of assets from labels with QR Code technology.

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