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Carro chefe da Verzani & Sandrini em 1967, o serviço de higienização destacou-se no mercado nacional e nos consagrou como uma das empresas mais tradicionais do Brasil no segmento de limpeza e conservação, reconhecida quatro anos seguidos pelo prêmio Top of Mind Estadão de RH – tido como o Oscar do RH no país.

Currently, we meet the essential demands for a good functioning of shopping malls, industries, airports, commercial condominiums, among others, as we identify real demands and deliver solutions that always guarantee the best cost/benefit and reinforce our commitment to transparency.



Certain environments require special attention during the cleaning process. This is because industries, hospitals, shopping malls and enterprises from the most varied segments have specific machinery or processes, in which proper sanitation requires specific techniques and products and employed by professionals qualified to perform such activities.

This is the case, for example, of paint booths, metal workshops, robots, plastic injection molding machines, conveyor systems and a series of other equipment commonly used in the industry – which, due to their particularities, require very well-designed procedures so that they can be effectively clean. Also, rooms, bathrooms and operating rooms of hospitals in general, which require an absolutely different procedure so that the cleaning process is able to guarantee hospital safety.

Verzani & Sandrini’s versatility also applies to technical cleaning processes. Holding a deep knowledge of the most effective sanitation procedures in the world, the company performs a prior diagnosis of its customers before delivering solutions, in order to ensure quality, sustainability, safety and the best benefit-cost ratio in each cleaning process.


Full and personalized support to the customer for the development and execution of the project, in addition to technical monitoring and conservation of external and internal green areas, with advice from Agronomists to fight pests and diseases, ensuring the quality and efficiency of the Verzani & Sandrini services.

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