banner We are aligned with the best Corporate Governance practices

We are aligned with the best Corporate Governance practices

We followed all the necessary pillars to promote a transparent and solid relationship with the capital markets and investors.

Our current management structure was built by a team of market executives with extensive experience. It was led by the Company’s CEO, one of the members of the founding family of Verzani & Sandrini.

As a result, we consolidated a Board of Directors, composed of three independent members. One of them in the position of Chairman of the Board, supported by four non-statutory Committees:

icone M&A Committee
icone Personnel Committee
icone Strategy and Innovation Committee
icone Audit and Finance Committee
Our governance structure is available on the Investor Relations website.

Ombudsman service

As part of our corporate governance best practices initiatives, we have an External Ombudsman Channel. That way, professionals, customers, and partners can message us with complaints, whether or not anonymously.

The channel is operated independently and aims to investigate and handle complaints, ensuring ultimate transparency and efficiency in complaints management.

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