A pioneer company in the areas of expertise and regions where it operates.

Since 1999, Verzani and Sandrini processes have been consistently audited and approved by major international certifications.

All procedures developed and applied by Verzani & Sandrini are constantly updated and are in full compliance with the guidelines of the main international certifications, which allows the delivery of solutions attested by:

Gestão da Qualidade (ISO9001)

Gestão Ambiental (ISO14001)

Gestão da Saúde e Segurança Ocupacional (ISO45001)


The Security Regulation Certificate (CRS) guarantees that all security guards are periodically trained in courses approved by the Ministry of Justice, in addition to exempting all customers from any responsibility in case of criminal proceedings for irregular hiring. This certification also attests that Verzani & Sandrini meets the minimum wage level for this professional category and is compliant with its obligations to public bodies.

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See Property Security certificates.

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