A company with a vocation for quality

“Painters, plumbers, electricians, whatever they needed, I provided them.”

Dalton Verzani

Providing quality services with a total focus on excellence and customer service goes beyond a business goal.

It's a vocation.

Brief Company History

Founded in 1967 by Dalton Verzani, Verzani&Sandrini (Verzani, V&S, or Company) started its operations in the facilities segment, operating mainly in the industries of the ABC Paulista region, where the Company has its headquarters. Throughout its trajectory, the Company has led a consistent history of expanding offerings, client portfolio, and strengthening its renowned brand in the market.

Providing quality service and customers satisfaction led Verzani to start its property security operations in 1992. The growth of this operation, with the same quality that the brand is famous for, is recognized by brand surveys led by Integration and Kearney consultancies. For the past eight years, Verzani & Sandrini has also won the Top of Mind Awards in the first place.

In 2015, launching the Corporate University Verzani & Sandrini (UCVS) consolidated its commitment to education and continuous professional development, two other important Company's pillars. UCVS was also a milestone for the segment. It placed the company ahead of the competition in terms of the professionalization of the operation.

In the same year, in line with the best practices of corporate governance, the Company formed its Board of Directors, including two independent members. It is supported by the Strategic Monitoring Committees - these being the Personnel Committee, Audit and Finance Committee, as well as the Strategy and Innovation Committee.

In 2017, Neo Investments and, subsequently, in 2020, Kinea, both minority shareholders, became representatives on the Company's Board of Directors. The Sandrini family shareholders remain in control, with a majority of members on its Board of Directors.

Also as part of its commitment to corporate governance, the Company has hired an audit firm from the "Big Four" group. Periodically, it goes through thorough evaluation and analysis processes, following the market best practices.

Atualmente, a Companhia conta com mais de 71 mil funcionários e uma base de mais de 1.400 clientes espalhados por todo o País.



  • Verzani & Sandrini Ltd. is founded. It is currently known as VS Services.

  • Verzani & Sandrini Property Security was established to meet new market demand and offer solutions in this segment.

  • Verzani & Sandrini sets up the branch of VS Services in Sorocaba (in the countryside of São Paulo) and deploys the Distribution Center in Mauá (Greater São Paulo).

  • VS Services kicks off a new branch and starts operating in Rio de Janeiro.

  • The VS group starts its operations in the states of Pernambuco, Minas Gerais, and Paraná.

  • Rio de Janeiro's VS Security branch starts its operations

  • Verzani & Sandrini arrives in the state of Goiás.

  • Verzani & Sandrini Effective Workforce is born. The activities in the Campinas Headquarters (in the countryside of São Paulo) and the West Headquarters (in São Paulo's capital) begin. 

  • The companies VS Tech and VS Parking go into operation. New contracts go into effect in Bahia.

  • The VS Northeast Property Security is set up.

  • Verzani & Sandrini starts operating in Gravataí (RS) and Goiânia (GO).

  • VS security branch in Belo Horizonte.

  • The Veman company goes into operation.

  • Acquisition of JR Sanitization in Belo Horizonte

  • At 50 years of its existence, Verzani & Sandrini surpasses the mark of 34 thousand hired professionals.

    Entrada da Neo Investimentos.

  • Acquisition of PROLIM Services in Vale do Paraíba, in the state of São Paulo.

  • Partnership with Cubo Itaú and creation of an open innovation area.

    Acquisition of TKS security in the Northeast.

  • Aquisição das empresas GS, GRS Terceirização e Higiserv.

    A new investor, Itaú's Kinea, joins the company.

  • New brand Verzani & Sandrini is launched.

    Aquisição da Ética Facility Services, Ability e Isoclean.

  • Patrocínio máster do vôlei feminino do Esporte Clube Pinheiros.

    Aquisição da FortKnox, Grupo Arjo e Emmo Serviços e Segurança.

    Entrada do investidor Singuler Guff.

  • Aquisição do Grupo Polo (composto pelas empresas Polo Segurança Especializada, KCM Serviços Especializados e Tech Tecnologia de Segurança).