Verzani & Sandrini operates in three lines of business:

imagem Facilities Management
imagem Security
imagem Maintenance

Since our foundation, we have executed our services based on three main pillars:

imagem Trained and prepared employees to deliver the services;
imagem Quality of service, internal processes and procedures;
imagem Use of technology as an operational tool and supporting scalability.


icone icone Facilities Management

The facilities management line consists of the complete management of materials, assets, people, and processes through services such as cleaning and technical cleaning, housekeeping, gardening, and landscaping. That is, quality outsourcing so that your enterprise can offer and build trust.

icone icone Security

The security line consists of offering property and personal security services to the company's clients, being composed mainly of the following services: concierge and doorman service, building surveillance, armed and unarmed security, motorized patrol, personal security, security controls and procedures, workplace violence prevention as well as fire prevention, protection, and training. Our security services follow the APPT methodology: architecture, process, people, and technology.

icone icone Maintenance

The industrial and telecommunications maintenance line consists of providing repair and maintenance services for industrial facilities and communications networks. It includes the following lines: industrial maintenance (including hydraulic engine, equipment, pumps & accessories), building maintenance, systems and services operation and maintenance, development of policies for the maintenance, management, and logistics, as well as maintenance of fiber optic networks and electrical installations. In addition, we serve the energy group as part of our asset management. We carry out the implementation and operation of exclusive projects with energy distributors throughout the national territory. We have long-lasting experience in the market when it comes to developing solutions and delivering customers' performance indicators.